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Definitions of the NeXus Standard File Structure and Contents
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These are the components that define the structure of NeXus data files in the development directory.

component description
BUILDING.rst how to build the documentation
CHANGES.rst Change History
LGPL.txt one proposed license model
NXDL_VERSION the current NXDL version number this file
applications/ NXDL files for applications and instrument defs
base_classes/ NXDL files for components
contributed_definitions/ NXDL files from the community
impatient-guide/ NeXus for the Impatient
jenkins_build configuration for Jenkins continuous integration service
legacy_docs/ legacy PDF copies of the NeXus definitions documentation
manual/ Sphinx source files for the NeXus documentation
nxdl.xsd XML Schema for NXDL files
nxdlTypes.xsd called by nxdl.xsd
package/ directory for packaging this content
utils/ various tools used in the definitions tree
www/ launch (home) page of NeXus WWW site
xslt/ various XML stylesheet transformations
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