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Frontend + Backend

βœ” Active Development

Name Description
UNIT3D-Community-Edition Complete Private Torrent Tracker built Laravel, Livewire and a sprinkle of AlpineJS. It is primarily aimed for movie/tv trackers.
GazellePW Movie-based Gazelle fork with beautiful and modern UI.
NexusPHP Complete PT website building solution. Based on NexusPHP + Laravel + Filament.
Torrust A suite of client-server software for hosting online torrent indexes. Support both private and public torrents. Written in Rust and Vue.
TorrentPier Bull-powered BitTorrent tracker engine with forum functionality (Based on phpBB). Supported announcers: Ocelot and XBT.
sqtracker Modern private tracker platform built with Node.js, React, MongoDB and Docker. It is suitable for any type of content.

🐒 Sporadic Development

Name Description
Orpheus-Gazelle Orpheus-Gazelle is a fork of Gazelle (written in PHP) and is used by Orpheus. It is primarily aimed at music trackers.
Pu-239 A rewrite of the popular torrent tracker U-232.

πŸ’€ Development Ceased

Name Description
meanTorrent MEAN.JS BitTorrent - Full-Stack JavaScript Using MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js, A Private BitTorrent Tracker CMS with Multilingual support.
rartracker Complete bittorrent tracker written in PHP and AngularJS.
NyaaV2 Complete Torrent Tracker written in Python.
NyaaPantsu Complete Torrent Tracker. An alternative to NyaaV2 written in GoLang.
U-232 PHP Torrent Tracker Script.
Gazelle Gazelle is a web framework geared towards private torrent trackers. Although naturally focusing on music, it can be modified for most needs. Gazelle is written in PHP.
Luminance Luminance web frontend has a much cleaner structure than Gazelle and is progressing in adding new features. Luminance is written in PHP.
Oppaitime-Gazelle Oppaitime-Gazelle is written in PHP and is a fork off Gazelle. Aimed to make it a very secure codebase.
XBTIT Blu-Edition by BluCrew PHP Torrent Tracker Script built off the original XBTIT.
RidPT Another Private Torrent framework Project. Built on MixPHP and Zui.

Tracker/Announce Only

In alphabetical order:

Name Type UDP HTTP WebTorrent TLS IPv6 Language OS Notes
aquatic Open Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Rust Unix-like / Linux 5.8+
Chihaya Mixed Yes Yes No Yes Yes Go ?
Ocelot Mixed Yes Yes No No No C++ Linux, Windows Requires mysql
opentracker Open Yes Yes No No Yes C Unix-like
privtracker Private No Yes No Yes Yes Go ?
Radiance Private Yes Yes No No Yes C++ Unix-like Requires mysql
Torrust Mixed Yes Yes No Yes Yes Rust Cross-platform
Ttorrent Mixed No Yes No No No Java ? Unmaintained?
XBT Mixed Yes Yes No No Yes C++ Linux, Windows Requires mysql


A Curated List Of Torrent Tracker Platforms/Codebases Written In Multiple Coding Languages







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