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  • UNIT3D-Community-Edition - Complete Private Torrent Tracker built Laravel, Livewire and a sprinkle of AlpineJS. It is primarily aimed for movie/tv trackers. (Actively Developed!)

  • RidPT - Another Private Torrent framework Project. Built on MixPHP and Zui. (On Hold!)

  • meanTorrent - MEAN.JS BitTorrent - Full-Stack JavaScript Using MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js, A Private BitTorrent Tracker CMS with Multilingual support. (Development Is Dead!)

  • rartracker - Complete bittorrent tracker written in PHP and AngularJS. (Development Is Dead!)

  • NyaaV2 - Complete Torrent Tracker written in Python. (Actively Developed!)

  • NyaaPantsu - Complete Torrent Tracker. An alternative to NyaaV2 written in GoLang. (Development Is Dead!)

  • U-232 - PHP Torrent Tracker Script. (Development Is Dead!)

  • Pu-239 - A rewrite of the popular torrent tracker U-232. (Development Is Slow!)

  • Gazelle - Gazelle is a web framework geared towards private torrent trackers. Although naturally focusing on music, it can be modified for most needs. Gazelle is written in PHP. (Development Is Dead!)

  • Luminance - Luminance web frontend has a much cleaner structure than Gazelle and is progressing in adding new features. Luminance is written in PHP. (Development Is Dead!)

  • Oppaitime-Gazelle - Oppaitime-Gazelle is written in PHP and is a fork off Gazelle. Aimed to make it a very secure codebase. (Development Is Dead!)

  • Orpheus-Gazelle - Orpheus-Gazelle is a fork of Gazelle (written in PHP) and is used by Orpheus. It is primarily aimed at music trackers.(Development Is Slow!)

  • XBTIT Blu-Edition by BluCrew - PHP Torrent Tracker Script built off the original XBTIT. (Development Is Dead!)

Tracker/Announce Only

  • Mika - Go based torrent tracker using redis for a backend and designed for private site use.

  • Ocelot - Ocelot is a BitTorrent tracker written in C++ for the Gazelle project. It supports requests over TCP and can only track IPv4 peers.

  • XBT - High-Performance BitTorrent Tracker written in C++.

  • Chihaya - Chihaya is an open source BitTorrent tracker written in Go. A customizable, multi-protocol BitTorrent Tracker.

  • Celty - Celty is an open source BitTorrent tracker written in C++. Dead simple, extensible, unix BitTorrent tracker.

  • Radiance - Based off Ocelot, Radiance tracker supports IPv6 and some other extras that Ocelot lacks. Written in C++.

  • BitTorrentPHPAnnounceSocketServer - Socketserver in PHP. Written for netvision-source, but extendable.

  • notorious - A feature-complete, performant torrent tracker written in Go.

  • ttorrent - Tracker (and client) library partly developed by Jetbrains and written in Java.


A Curated List Of Torrent Tracker Platforms/Codebases Written In Multiple Coding Languages




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