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HEADS IDE Training and Tutorials


This repository contains a set of tutorials to get started with the technologies developed in the HEADS research project.

These tutorials are currently used internally in the HEADS project in order to evaluate the initial release of the HEADS IDE. However, these tutorial can be followed by external developers with no prior knoledge of the HEADS technologies. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiry or would like more information.

Installation of the HEADS IDE

The recommended way to run the tutorials is to install the HEADS IDE.

  • Download HEADS IDE that correspond to your environment (OS + 32/64 bits)
  • Unzip the archive
  • Run the eclipse(.exe) binary

More information about Eclipse can be found here

List of tutorials

We currently have a list of 5 tutorials (under development). We will update there descriptions when they are available. These tutorials typically assume that you follow them sequentially but ThingML and Kevoree tutorials might be followed independently.

1. HEADS ThingML modelling language basics

Learn the basics of ThingML. How to write you first program in a platform independent way and compile it to different platforms ranging from an Arduino microcontroller to a plain Java program. Also learn how to write platform specific components and link to exiting APIs or libraries.

**Go to this tutorial ** (Beta version released on 01/12/2014, your feedback is welcome).

2. HEADS Kevoree runtime management basics

Go to the tutorial

3. HEADS From design time to runtime (ThingML + Kevoree)

To be released around 01/01/2015.

4. HEADS ThingML modelling language "advanced"

To be released around 30/01/2015.

5. HEADS Kevoree runtime management "advanced"

To be released around 15/02/2015.

Quick Links

Installing the HEADS IDE:

Reporting issues, getting support, etc

If you encounter any problem, find a bug or have suggestions for additional features, please use the HEADS IDE bug tracker at This is the best and prefered way of getting in touch with us.

Contact us

For any other issue feel free to contact any of us by email.


Training material to get started with the HEADS technologies



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