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Welcome to the DocumentDB-REST wiki!


I am a Gold member of the HL7 Organization. I am on the development team of a new HL7 Standard, FHIR® – Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources. FHIR® has it's own REST API. There are several FHIR® Servers, most of them use MongoDB and other no-SQL repositories. I believe there is one in Azure that uses SQL Server.


DocumentDB, with it's REST API is the perfect repository for an FHIR® server in Azure.

Mapping the FHIR® REST API to the my DocumentDB REST API is fairly easy.

The only drawback is the DocumentDB does not publish their REST API

So I started to develop a new DocumentDB REST API.

I started with the creation of a Swagger.json that duplicates the operations in the DocumentDB REST API.

From the Swagger, code can be generated for a client application.

If I need to make changes, I can modify my Swagger.json and regenerate the source code. The following figure shows my Swagger in SwaggerHub

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