Astronomical Interferometry in PYthon (AIPY)
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AIPY (Astronomical Interferometry in PYthon)

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This package collects together tools for radio astronomical interferometry. In addition to pure-python phasing, calibration, imaging, and deconvolution code, this package includes interfaces to MIRIAD (a Fortran interferometry package) and HEALPix (a package for representing spherical data sets), and some math/fitting routines from SciPy.

Instructions, documentation, and a FAQ may be found at the aipy GitHub page.


We strongly recommend installing AIPY with the conda packaging tool using the public conda-forge package repository:

$ conda install -c conda-forge aipy

Python 3 and AIPY 3

The 2.x release series of AIPY supports only Python 2. However, there is now a prototype version of AIPY 3.0 which adds support for Python 3 (while still supporting Python 2). You can install it using the following pip command:

pip install git+

There is not presently a Conda package of this version. Development of the 3.x series happens on the v3 branch of this repository.


If you want to build HTML documentation, you'll need to have Sphinx installed. Then, change to the doc/ directory and run:

$ make html

The results will appear in doc/build/html. There are plenty of other build options, too. Many thanks to Jayce Dowell for his work on this.

Enjoy, Aaron Parsons

Package Info for Developers

The subpackage "optimize" was copied in from scipy-0.6.0, and then all code that depended on non-pure-python modules was removed. If these ever need to be updated, download scipy source and copy scipy/scipy/optimize into aipy, and then remove any code deemed unnecessary. Unfortunately, then you may need to crawl through the code and replace all "scipy" references with "aipy".

The subpackage "_cephes" was copied in from scipy-0.6.0/special, and then all but the cephes and c_misc code was removed to avoid needing a Fortran compiler. _cephesmodule.c needed substantial editing to remove external dependencies.

The miriad source code (aipy/miriad/mirsrc) was included from MIRIAD-4.0.5. To update, download miriad source and copy $MIR/src/subs/* and $MIR/src/inc/* into aipy/miriad/mirsrc. Not all files are used, but include them all anyway.

Healpix source code (aipy/healpix/cxx) was included from Healpix-2.01. To update, download healpix source and copy src/cxx into aipy/healpix.