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Checkweb goals

  • Checkweb is a simple tool written with node.js to check several web services regularly (but without UI)
  • All web services to check are declared in a JSON format located in the cfg/services directory
  • If there is an issue, the checkweb system could send an email alert (depending on the configuration)
  • It contains an integrated scheduler

What is not

  • a monitoring tool for a system(disk, memory, network)

Able to check

  • code 200 answer (by default)
  • JSON object
  • regular expression

To do

  • Tests (sorry)
  • Continuous Test Integration
  • Validate JSON content of the configuration


  • Install node on your system (could be apt-get install nodejs)
>apt-get install nodejs
  • Install npm (node package manager) (could be apt-get install npm)
>apt-get install npm
  • Clone the git repository on your system
>git clone
  • Install npm dependencies
>npm install

Test the examples

  • In cfg Directory, copy the cfg_example.json to cfg.json (mail alert is disabled by default)
>cp cfg/cfg_example.json cfg/cfg.json
  • And mv the services_example directory to services_example
>mv cfg/services_example cfg/service

  • And run:
>node checkweb.js

  • you should see bunyan output log (the log system used)

Run checkweb forever

npm install forever
forever start checkweb.js

to stop

forever stop checkweb.js


Main configuration

  • Edit cfg.json
  • Configure the cfg/services directory and the email alert address
  • supported mail system is given by nodemailer node module (here is the supported service, but only gmail was tested
  • for gmail, it is possible you have to decrease the security level of your mail account (so don't use a personal account) and to authorize specifically the application by using this url:

Example of cfg.json

"service_dir" : "./cfg/services/",

"scheduler"       : true,

"mail_alert"      : false,
"alert_only_once" : true,
"alert_reset"     : { "hour":4, "minute": 0},

"mail_service"    : "gmail",
"mail_auth_user"  : "",
"mail_auth_path"  : "********",
"mail_from"       : "checkweb",
"mail_to"         : ""
  • services_dir, is the directory where the services are stored
  • scheduler, activates scheduler if true, else do it only once
  • mail_alert, activates mail alert, if well configurated
    • alert_only_once, activates alert only once during a period of time (to avoid to have to much alert during a day)

      • alert_reset, reset the alert system each period of time
    • mail_service, name of the mail service

    • mail_auth_user, email account

    • mail_auth_path, email password

    • mail_from, name of the mail from

    • mail_to, email account where to send the email

Services configuration

  • Go in cfg/services directories and create or modify the service JSON files such as cfg/services/google-reader.json

Example of service

"url"       : "",
"name"      : "google search tool for the feed",
"comment"   : "check that there are some tweets the last few minutes",
"checks"    : [
  { "type" : "json", "keys" : ["response","numFound"], "operator" : ">", "value" : 0 }
"freq"  : { "second": 10}


  • url, is the full url of the web service to check (with params)
  • name, is the name of the servie for display purpose
  • comment, is the description of what is checked
  • checks, is a TABLE wich contain several item to check, depending of the service output:
    • type, is the type of the object to check, could be curently:
      • json
      • regex
    • keys, is the json item to check, here is response.numFound
    • operator, is the operator to apply between keys and value, could be all the javascript operator:
      • '>'
      • '<'
      • '==='
      • '!=='
      • '>='
      • '<='
    • value, is the value to check
  • freq, is the schedular period between to check, in 'hour', 'minute' or 'second'

Example with regex

"url"     : "",
"name"    : "Google web site",
"comment" : "check if the google web site is still alive",
"checks"    : [
  { "type" : "regexp", "keys" : "<title>Google</title>"}
"freq"    : { "hour": 1}

Configure what services to run

  • Edit the cfg/services/services2check.json, add lines or comments with underscore to disable the check


{ "_comment" : "use _ to comment a specific service"},
{ "_service" : "cfg/services/google-reader.json"},
{ "service" : "web-google.json"},
{ "_service" : "web-bitem.json"}

Here only web-google.json service is checked. Others are commented thanks to _


Checkweb is a simple tool written with node.js to check several web services regularly (but without UI)




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