A command tool that exports Oxite blog engine database into BlogML format.
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This is a command prompt tool that connects directly to Oxite Blog Engine [1] and exports 
the existing data (Posts, Comments, Trackbacks, etc.) into BlogML [2] standard format which
can later be used to port you existing blog into any blog engine supporting BlogML format
(which mostly do). 

This version only supports exporting a blog with one area, so if you have a blog with more
than one area, you might need to adjust the code to fit your needs, but it is very easy to 
do so.

To run the application, setup you connection string in application configuration file and 
run let the program export the data into the output file.

This project is released under MIT license. Make sure you read the licensing agreement before
using it.

[1] http://oxite.codeplex.com/
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BlogML