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A port of the Toggl API for Tasker
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A port of the Toggl API for Tasker. Each API action is a separate task.


There are two ways to use tasker-toggl. Most actions use an API token (saved in the %TOGGL_TOKEN global variable) as an authentication method, but that can be swapped out for using email and password (set as %TOGGL_EMAIL and %TOGGL_PW). The example action using email/password authentication is this one.

Some tasks (PUT, DELETE, and most POST endpoints) require RESTask.


Each task is a simple port of the Toggl API (documentation): tasks that require an input have Variable Set actions that you can fill in, tasks that return data assign that data to some variable, and as a general they check for 200 return codes or flash the error message to the screen.

To import tasks, tap at the Tasks tab. After selecting "Import", goto the folder where you have downloaded the Tasker XML files, and select any of them. Keep in mind that tasks must have the .tsk.xml extentions to be considered as such by Tasker.

That's it! You can now use the tasks you imported as you please.


See the contribution guidelines. As a rule of thumb you're welcome to contribute anything, just make it easy for end-users if you can.




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