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TODO List for Prawn Markdown

The following items are outstanding and should be completed before Prawn Markdown is ready for use:

Markdown Support

  • Support manual line breaks in paragraphs. (ending a line with two or more tabs / spaces)
  • Support (and remove) trailing hashes on ATX style headers.
  • Add basic block quote support
  • Support code blocks
  • Support nesting of block quotes
  • Support nesting of list items
  • Support block quotes containing lists
  • Support block quotes contianing code blocks
  • Add basic images support (Reference Based)
  • Add further images support (inline)
  • Support different unordered list delimiters
  • Support lists which contain many paragraphs
  • Support lists which contain block quotes
  • Support lists which contain code blocks
  • Support inline code fragments using backticks

Code Related Stuff

  • Unit tests of each Markdown Fragment