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Cessna 182S

A high detailed, realistic version of the Cessna 182S aircraft for FlightGear. Can be flown according real pilot manual.

Further information can be read in

Development thread:
FG Wiki page:

c182s Climb c182s cockpit c182s Tail View c182s Wing View c182s Takeoff

For the repository containing the .xcf and .svg files for the textures and liveries, visit:

This aircraft was modified and updated in a joint effort by the following people:

  • HHS81 (HHS): 3D model, fdm, programming, textures, bug tracking, testing

  • Gilberto Agostinho (gsagostinho): textures, xml, bug tracking, testing

  • onox: advice, nasal-scripts, testing

  • Wayne Bragg (wlbragg): rain effect, advice

  • Ron Jensen (jentron)

  • Daniel Dubreuil (Dany93)

  • Stuart Buchanan

  • David Megginson

  • Benedikt Hallinger (fuel/oil system, custom registration livery, checklists, save-state, failures, cockpit/avionics improvements and many more small additions)

  • Sascha Reißner and Josh Davidson (KAP 140 Autopilot)

Engine (from TCDS)

Lycoming IO-540-AB1A5

Rated HP: 230 HP

Maximum RPM: 2400

Propeller (2-blade, from TCDS)

McCauley Constant Speed B2D34C235/90DKB-8

Diameter: 80.5in-82in

Pitch range: 17deg-31.8deg

Propeller (3-blade, from TCDS)

McCauley Constant Speed B3D36C431/80VSA-1

Diameter: 77.5in-79in

Pitch range: 14.9deg-31.7deg

All Propellers (from TCDS)

Static RPM at full throttle: 2300RPM-2400RPM

Velocities (from TCDS)

Va1 (maneuvering): 110 KIAS

Vno (max structural cruising): 140 KIAS

Vne (never exceed): 175 KIAS

Vfe (flaps extended): 100 KIAS

Additional Velocities

Vx (best angle of climb): 63 KIAS

Vy (best rate of climb): 80 KIAS

Stall speed, no flaps: 56 kt KCAS

Stall speed, full flaps: 50 kt KACS

Best climb: 924 fpm

Service ceiling: 18,100 ft

Takeoff ground roll: 795

Takeoff over 50 ft obstacle: 1,514 ft

Landing ground roll: 590 ft

Landing over 50 ft obstacle: 1,390 ft


Cruise, 80% power, 6,000 ft: 140 kt TAS

Cruise, 65% power, 8,000 ft: 130 kt TAS

Cruise, 55% power, 10,000 ft: 121 kt TAS

Range, 75% power, 6,000 ft: 820 nm

Range, 65% power, 8,000 ft: 910 nm

Range, 55% power, 10,000 ft: 968 nm


Cessna C182S (1996 model) for FlightGear







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