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The first goal of KCBO is to implement some common Bayesian tests which we find

The second goal for KCBO is to implement the Bayesian analoges of traditional NHST tests outlined by John D. Kruschke in his book Doing Bayesian Data Analysis, A tutorial with R and BUGS. These tests are:

  1. t-test for (n independent groups, and for an individual group, can become one single test if only passed one group or multiple groups)
  2. Binomial Test (in our case, the conversion test)
  3. Chi-square test (Contingency Tables) (The Poisson Exponential ANOVA)
  4. Oneway ANOVA
  5. Multifactor ANOVA
  6. Linear Regression (Simple and Multiple)
  7. Logistic Regression
  8. Ordinal Regression
  9. Power Analysis (Sample size planning)