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Digital Work Me (DiMe) server

The DiMe server can run in your local machine or in a server. Its task is to collect your personal data from different loggers into a central place that you control.

You can install DiMe directly on your machine (instructions below), or if you are adventurous test the experimental Docker virtualisation support. For people intending to develop, it is probably easier to install it directly.



Java 8 JDK or newer (i.e. Java version 1.8 or newer) is required, and for the UI part a recent version of Node.js.

For Mac OS X you need to have Xcode installed first. You can install it from the Apple Mac App Store.


First, clone the git repository, for example via the command line:

git clone

To compile, just run:


(If you don't have GNU Make installed you can also use gradle directly: ./gradlew assemble.)

In the first compilation, it will download any Java dependencies automatically. Hence it may take a bit longer the first time.


To run the server in port 8080 issue the command:

make run

Note for Mac Users: if you use Xcode, using make run to run DiMe might cause conflicts. In this case, use the alternate command:

./gradlew bootRun

To start DiMe.

(./gradlew bootRun can always be used as an alternative to make run if you don't have GNU Make.)

If you wish to change the TCP port of the server take a look at how to configure the DiMe server to use another port.

The DiMe server will put all its files, such as the database and Lucene search index under ~/.dime in your home directory.

Now you can access the DiMe dashboard by going to the address http://localhost:8080.

When you run DiMe the first time it will automatically create an admin user and show its randomly generated password in the command line.


The project wiki page has more detailed instructions and documentation of the API and development.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the lead developer Mats Sjöberg.


The DiMe server software is distributed under the GNU Affero General Public Licence (AGPL) Version 3.


Your humble Digital Work Me (DiMe) server.




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