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This is a partially implemented OpenCL backend for the Accelerate library for General purpose GPU programming. See:

The backend is still in a very experimental stage and currently completely lacks support of the following operations:

  • Higher dimension folds
  • Segmented folds
  • Scan (prefix sum) operations
  • Stencil operations
  • Array indexing


The accelerate-opencl depends on the following two Cabal packages which are not yet available on Hackage in recent enough versions.


This library provides Haskell bindings to the OpenCL API, and is available from

language-c-quote (with OpenCL extensions)

The version of language-c-quote currently available at Hackage does not contain support for OpenCL C. These extensions can be found in the most recent version of language-c-quote on Github:


The Accelerate team at UNSW provides a set of examples, available as a Cabal-package at

Making a cabal install --flags="-cuda" (disabling the CUDA backend) of this package, will install an executable which can be used to run a suite of tests.

All the examples can then be executed by: accelerate-examples --opencl -n 5000

Which will execute all examples on 5000 element arrays. See accelerate-examples --help for further instructions.

Questions and bug reports

Feel free to contact me by email at with any questions or bug reports.

Alternatively, bugs can be submitted through the bug tracker at:


The work on this backend was initially done as a graduate project at the University of Copenhagen, and afterwards as a paid internship at the HIPERFIT research center (

I would like to thank Manuel Chakravarty, Trevor McDonell and the rest of the team behind Accelerate. For comments on my work and for making the necessary changes to Accelerate to accomodate a new backend.