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Clean up of the exposed module

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dybber committed Dec 2, 2011
1 parent ccf0569 commit a45c1f19efedd02976f34d6db7429974bab8311b
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  1. +3 −10 Data/Array/Accelerate/OpenCL.hs
@@ -20,24 +20,17 @@ import System.IO.Unsafe
-- standard library
import Prelude hiding (catch)
---import Data.Record.Label
---import Control.Exception
import Control.Applicative
---import System.IO.Unsafe
---import qualified Data.HashTable as Hash
-- friends
import Data.Array.Accelerate.AST (Arrays(..), ArraysR(..))
import Data.Array.Accelerate.Smart (Acc, convertAcc, convertAccFun1)
import Data.Array.Accelerate.Array.Representation (size)
import Data.Array.Accelerate.Array.Sugar (Array(..))
import Data.Array.Accelerate.OpenCL.Array.Data
-import Data.Array.Accelerate.OpenCL.State
-import Data.Array.Accelerate.OpenCL.Compile
-import Data.Array.Accelerate.OpenCL.Execute
-import Data.Array.Accelerate.OpenCL.CodeGen
+import Data.Array.Accelerate.OpenCL.State (evalOpenCL, CIO)
+import Data.Array.Accelerate.OpenCL.Compile (compileAcc)
+import Data.Array.Accelerate.OpenCL.Execute (executeAcc)
-- | Compile and run a complete embedded array program using the OpenCL backend

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