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The HIPERFIT Prototype is a web-based system that integrates the HIPERFIT contract language and the HIPERFIT parallel pricing engine.

In addition to Haskell dependencies, some system packages are required for the hmatrix library. On Linux:

sudo apt-get install libgsl0-dev liblapack-dev libatlas-base-dev

On Mac

brew install gsl

For more information on hmatrix requirements, see

UPDATE: the preffered way to setup the project (after the step with hmatrix dependencies) is to use stack.

stack setup
stack build


GHC >= 7.8.3

How to Run the Prototype

Build the pricing engine before running the tests:

make compile_opencl

After building, test that it runs using make:

make run_test

As an alternative, use the main function in Tests.hs.

Running the Web Interface

Use make run_web to run the web interface. Open localhost:3000 in your browser (login: hiperfit, password: 123). You may use an environment variable to specify an alternative port, as in PORT=8001 make run_web.

Use make init_data to initialize the database with quotes, obtained from the Yahoo finance API, for the last 90 days for a number of stocks, including Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOGL).

Alternatively, it is possible to run the application using cabal run web or directly by running the executable ./dist/build/web/web.

The executable ./dist/build/web/web accepts the following command-line options:

  -i           --initdata             Fetch quotes for a number of stocks (e.g., AAPL and GOOGL) from public sources
  -p PORT      --port=PORT            Run server on specified port (3000 by default)
  -r DATAFILE  --readquotes=DATAFILE  Read quotes from specified CSV file and write them to the DB
  -D           --deletequotes         Delete ALL quotes from the DB

Emacs Haskell-mode users

Use haskell-session-change-target command to set properly the target tests, when running tests/Tests.hs, and web for the web interface.


The HIPERFIT Portfolio Management Prototype




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