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HITB PRO CTF 2019. Developed with ♥ by Hackerdom team and HITB.
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PRO CTF is an onsite international challenge in information security. Developed by Hackerdom team for HITB CyberWeek in Abu Dhabi, UAE. PRO CTF was held on October 15–17 October 2019.

The contest is driven by almost classic rules for Attack-Defense CTF. Each team is given a set of vulnerable services. Organizers regularly fill services with private information — the flags. The goal of each team is to find vulnerabilities, fix them in their services and exploit them to get flags from other teams.

This repository contains:

  • source of all services in folder services/
  • checkers for checksystem in folder checkers/
  • exploits for all services in folder sploits/
  • writeups with vulnerabilities and exploitation description for all services in folder writeups/

Also, we bring to you some of our internal infrastructure magic:

  • deploy scripts for virtual machines with services. Each service was hosted inside docker container inside separate VirtualBox virtual machine. See deploy/
  • switches configuration in switches/
  • checksystem configuration in cs/

Final scoreboard:

Final scoreboard

First bloods

fraud_detector TokyoWesterns
binder Bushwhackers
SePtoN RedRocket
bb LC↯BC
game_console Eat Sleep Pwn Repeat
polyfill Bushwhackers
handy LC↯BC
gallery TokyoWesterns
ca LC↯BC
drone_racing PDKT
tracker TokyoWesterns
notepool Hack.ERS
Spaceships saarsec
sql_demo TokyoWesterns
geocaching mHackeroni
dotFm Eat Sleep Pwn Repeat


This CTF is brought to you by these amazing guys:

  • Alexander Bersenev aka bay, author of services fraud_detector, polyfill, and startup, also our network and infrastructure master
  • Andrew Gein aka andgein, author of service drone_racing
  • Andrey Khozov aka and, author of services bb and ca, also our checksystem master
  • Artem Zinenko aka art, author of services deer and sql_demo
  • Artur Khanov aka awengar, author of services Binder and Spaceships
  • Dmitry Simonov aka dimmo, author of service tracker
  • Dmitry Titarenko aka dscheg, author of services rubik and notepool
  • domi, author of service geocaching
  • Konstantin Plotnikov aka kost, author of services SePtoN and gallery, also our teamleader
  • Mikhail Vyatskov aka mik, author of service handy
  • Polina Zonova aka bosonojka5, our amazing project leader and manager
  • Ruslan Kutdusov, author of services game_console and convolution
  • Roman Bykov, author of service dotFM

If you have any question about services write us an email to

© 2019 HackerDom

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