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<templateId root="2.16.840.1.113883."/>
<!-- Problem Section with Coded Entries Required -->
<templateId root="2.16.840.1.113883." extension="2015-08-01"/>
<!-- Problem Section with Coded Entries Required -->
<code code="11450-4" codeSystem="2.16.840.1.113883.6.1" codeSystemName="LOINC" displayName="Problem List"/>
<text ID="Concern_1">
<td>Start Time:</td>
<td>End Time:</td>
<tr ID="problems1">
<td>12/01/2015 16:05:06</td>
<td ID="problem1">No Diabetes (ruled out)</td>
<!-- The statement above and the associated problem observation could be placed in the History of Past Illness Section -->
<entry typeCode="COMP">
<!-- Problem Concern Act -->
<act classCode="ACT" moodCode="EVN">
<templateId root="2.16.840.1.113883."/>
<templateId root="2.16.840.1.113883." extension="2015-08-01"/>
<id root="36e3e930-7b14-11db-9fe1-0800200c9a66"/>
<code code="CONC" codeSystem="2.16.840.1.113883.5.6"/>
<text><reference value="#Concern_1"></reference></text>
<statusCode code="completed"/> <!-- The concern is not active, in terms of there being an active condition to be managed.-->
<low value="20151201071605"/> <!-- Time at which THIS “concern” began being tracked.-->
<high nullFlavor="NA"/>
</effectiveTime> <!-- status is active so high is not applicable. If high is present it should have nullFlavor of NA-->
<!-- Optional Author Element-->
<templateId root="2.16.840.1.113883."/>
<time value="2015120171605"/>
<id extension="666545666" root="2.16.840.1.113883.4.6"/>
<code code="363LA2100X" codeSystem="2.16.840.1.113883.6.101" codeSystemName="NUCC"
displayName="Nurse Practitioner - Acute Care"/>
<streetAddressLine>6666 StreetName St.</streetAddressLine>
<city>Silver Spring</city><state>MD</state><postalCode>20901</postalCode>
<telecom value="tel:+1(301)666-6666" use="WP"/>
<entryRelationship typeCode="SUBJ">
<!-- This problem observation could be placed in the History of Past Illness Section -->
<!-- Or, in future, in the Health Concerns Section -->
<observation classCode="OBS" moodCode="EVN" negationInd="true">
<!-- Model of Meaning for No Diabetes -->
<!-- The use of negationInd corresponds with the newer Observation.ValueNegationInd -->
<!-- The negationInd = true negates the value element. -->
<!-- problem observation template -->
<templateId root="2.16.840.1.113883."/>
<templateId root="2.16.840.1.113883." extension="2015-08-01"/>
<id root="4adc1021-7b14-11db-9fe1-0800200c9a69"/>
<code code="55607006" displayName="Problem"
codeSystem="2.16.840.1.113883.6.96" codeSystemName="SNOMED CT">
<translation code="75326-9" codeSystem="2.16.840.1.113883.6.1"
codeSystemName="LOINC" displayName="Problem"/>
<text><reference value="#problems1"></reference></text>
<statusCode code="completed"/>
<low value="20151201160506"/>
<!-- The time when this was biologically relevant ie True for the patient. -->
<!-- As a minimum time interval over which this is true, populate the effectiveTime/low with the current time. -->
<!-- It would be equally valid to have a longer range of time over which this statement was represented as being true. -->
<!-- As a maximum, you would never indicate an effectiveTime/high that was greater than the current point in time. -->
<value xsi:type="CD" code="44054006"
displayName="Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 (Disorder)"
codeSystemName="SNOMED CT">
<originalText><reference value="#problem1"></reference></originalText>