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Cross-Lingual Sentiment Quantification

This repository contains the code to replicate the experiments of the article entitled "Cross-Lingual Sentiment Quantification".

This code is mainly built upon Scikit-Learn, NumPy, SciPy, and Pandas, that you might install before proceeding. It also utilizes most of the functionalities of PyDCI (implementing Distributional Correspondence Indexing), nut (implementing Cross-Lingual Structural Correspondence Learning), and QuaNet. Both PyDCI and QuaNet were implemented by us and included here for the sake of ease (some modifications are required though to use the Prettenhofer's nut package, that I could distribute upon request).

The following scripts can be used to replicate all experiments involving DCI:

  • produces, for each task, the (numpy) cross-lingual vectors for the training and test documents (train.vec.npy and test.vec.npy). It also generates the vectors of sentiment predictions (train.y_pred.npy and test.y_pred.npy, i.e., the classification of the training documents according to a 10-fold cross validation and the classification of the test documents using all training documents -- the classifier is a LinearSVC), and a copy of the true labels (train.y_pred.npy and test.y_pred.npy).
  • produces, for each task, the vector of (calibrated) posterior probabilities (train.y_prob.npy and test.y_prob.npy) by training and using a logistic regressor using the cross-lingual vectors with their true labels.
  • computes, using the vectors of predictions previously generated, the Classify and Count (CC), Adjusted CC (ACC), Probabilistic CC (PCC), and Probabilistic Adjusted CC (PACC) quantification results.
  • computes the quantification for QuaNet using all vectors generated previously.


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