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Hierarchical Attention for Dialogue Emotion Classification

CAiRE_HKUST submission for SemEval-2019 Task 3 Emo-Context

License: MIT

This is the implementation of our submission to Emo-Context. You can find our paper here. Shared task website:

This code has been written using PyTorch >= 1.0. If you use any source codes or datasets included in this toolkit in your work, please cite the following paper. The bibtex is listed below:

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Detecting emotion from dialogue is a challenge that has not yet been extensively surveyed. One could consider the emotion of each dialogue turn to be independent, but in this paper, we introduce a hierarchical approach to classify emotion, hypothesizing that the current emotional state depends on previous latent emotions. We benchmark several feature-based classifiers using pre-trained word and emotion embeddings, state-of-the-art end-to-end neural network models, and Gaussian processes for automatic hyper-parameter search. In our experiments, hierarchical architectures consistently give significant improvements, and our best model achieves a 76.77% F1-score on the test set.

Model Architecture


You can find the data in Linkedin page.


To begin, you need to install libraries and their dependencies



  • model: LSTM or UTRS (Universal Transformer)
  • attn: True (to add word-level attention)
  • fix_pretrain: True (To avoid any update on pretrained embedding)
  • --dev_with_label: to evaluate with a development set
  • --include_test: to merge train and development set, split the merged dataset, and construct a new set of train and development set. The model will be evaluated with a test set

Flat model

❱❱❱ python3 --num_split 10 --max_epochs=100 --pretrain_list glove840B~300 --emb_dim 300 --cuda --hidden_dim 1000 --model LSTM --patient 5 --drop 0.1 --model LSTM --noam --save_path save_final/LSTM_1000_DROP0.1_ATTN_GLOVE/ --pretrain_emb --attn

Hierarchical model

❱❱❱ python3 --num_split 10 --max_epochs=100 --pretrain_list glove840B~300 --emb_dim 300 --cuda --hidden_dim 1000 --model LSTM --patient 5 --drop 0.1 --model LSTM --noam --save_path save_final/HLSTM_1000_DROP0.1_GLOVE/ --pretrain_emb


--pred_file_path: prediction file path, --ground_file_path: ground truth file path

❱❱❱ python3 --pred_file_path save/HLSTM_1000_DROP0.4_ALL_ATTN/test_voting.txt --ground_file_path data/dev.txt


--load_model_path: trained model path, --save_path: prediction file path

❱❱❱ python3 --load_model_path save/TEST2/model_0 --cuda --save_path save/TEST2/
❱❱❱ python3 --load_model_path save/HLSTM_1000_DROP0.4_ATTN_DOUBLE_0.1_GLOVE/model_5 --cuda --double_supervision --save_prediction_path save_final/HLSTM_1000_DROP0.4_ATTN_DOUBLE_0.1_GLOVE/model_5.txt --save_confidence_path save_final/HLSTM_1000_DROP0.4_ATTN_DOUBLE_0.1_GLOVE/model_5_confidence.txt 


❱❱❱ python3 --voting-dir-list save_final/HLSTM_1000_DROP0.4_ATTN_DOUBLE_0.1_GLOVE save_final/HLSTM_1000_DROP0.1_ATTN_DOUBLE_0.1_GLOVE --save_path voting_prediction.txt

Bug Report

Feel free to create an issue or send email to


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