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Canonical sources for HOL4 theorem-proving system. Branch master is where "mainline development" occurs.
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bin updated, improved
developers Some prettification of the releasing-hol script's output.
doc Implement HOL Light's {PAT,PATH}_CONV.
examples Tweak thms on link between λ-calc and rec. fns
help Implement HOL Light's {PAT,PATH}_CONV.
sigobj updated, improved
src Implement HOL Light's {PAT,PATH}_CONV.
tools-poly Better errors when use can't make a .HOLMK dir
tools Use printf instead of echo for added portability
.gitignore Ignore another LaTeX-generated file
COPYRIGHT Update COPYRIGHT notice's years to include 2014.
INSTALL Update installation instructions to include need for --enable-shared
README Update top-level README to include our S/F URL.
std.prelude Interactive prelude now displays "how to quit" advice as it starts.


This is the distribution directory for the Kananaskis release of HOL4.
See for online resources.

The following is a brief listing of what's available in the distribution.

     INSTALL        * Installation instructions
     COPYRIGHT      * Copyright notice
     std.prelude    * File loaded at the beginning of each HOL session

     bin/           * Executables
     doc/           * Some documentation, including release notes
     examples/      * Some examples
     help/          * Help support
     src/           * The system sources
     tools/         * Support for building the system
     sigobj/        * Collection of all signatures and compiled code
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