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Canonical sources for HOL4 theorem-proving system. Branch master is where "mainline development" occurs.
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Manual Merge k11-release work prior to lc short simps change.
bin Use PolyML.SaveState instead of executable heaps
developers Tool to generate use-scripts for early HOL
doc Merge branch 'k11-release-prep'
examples export all function definitions
help Merge branch 'k11-release-prep'
sigobj updated, improved
src Avoid warning message when loading wordsLib.
tools-poly Merge 'k11-release-prep': Feedback generalisations
tools Merge branch 'k11-release-prep'
.gitignore Merge branch 'k11-release-prep'
.travis.yml Delete OSX git Poly test on Travis
CONTRIBUTORS public release of decompiler tool developed at NICTA
INSTALL Remove docs saying --enable-shared must be used
README Update some links.
std.prelude Interactive prelude now displays "how to quit" advice as it starts.


This is the distribution directory for the Kananaskis release of HOL4.
See for online resources.

The following is a brief listing of what's available in the distribution.

     INSTALL        * Installation instructions
     COPYRIGHT      * Copyright notice
     std.prelude    * File loaded at the beginning of each HOL session

     bin/           * Executables
     doc/           * Some documentation, including release notes
     examples/      * Some examples
     help/          * Help support
     src/           * The system sources
     tools/         * Support for building the system
     sigobj/        * Collection of all signatures and compiled code
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