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more informative error messages for Opentheory.define_X_in_thy

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1 parent 150cdd4 commit 9c4ab829de06aeb5d8fbba362039ebe3fd91803c @xrchz xrchz committed
Showing with 10 additions and 6 deletions.
  1. +10 −6 src/opentheory/Opentheory.sml
16 src/opentheory/Opentheory.sml
@@ -30,19 +30,23 @@ fun define_tyop_in_thy
open boolLib
val (P,t) = dest_comb (concl ax)
val v = variant (free_vars P) (mk_var ("v",type_of t))
- val _ = if tthy = current_theory() then () else
- raise ERR "define_tyop_in_thy" "wrong theory"
+ val ct = current_theory()
+ val _ = if tthy = ct then () else
+ raise ERR "define_tyop_in_thy" ("wrong theory: "^ct^" (wanted "^tthy^" for "^Tyop^")")
val th = new_type_definition(Tyop,EXISTS(mk_exists(v,mk_comb(P,v)),t) ax)
val _ = if athy = tthy andalso rthy = tthy then () else
- raise ERR "define_tyop_in_thy" "wrong theory"
+ raise ERR "define_tyop_in_thy" ("wrong theory: "^ct^" (given "^athy^" for "^abs^" and "^rthy^" for "^rep^")")
val bij = define_new_type_bijections {name=Tyop^"_bij",ABS=abs,REP=rep,tyax=th}
val [ar,ra] = CONJUNCTS bij
in {rep_abs=SPEC_ALL ra,abs_rep=SPEC_ALL ar} end
-fun define_const_in_thy ML_name {Thy,Name} rhs =
- if Thy = current_theory() then
+fun define_const_in_thy ML_name {Thy,Name} rhs = let
+ val ct = current_theory()
+ if Thy = ct then
new_definition ((ML_name Name)^"_def",mk_eq(mk_var(Name,type_of rhs),rhs))
- else raise ERR "define_const_in_thy" "wrong theory"
+ else raise ERR "define_const_in_thy" ("wrong theory: "^ct^" (wanted "^Thy^" for "^Name^")")
open boolLib bossLib

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