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 README File for executing the STE simulator in HOL

An implementation of STE simulator in HOL is presented. Because we
have done a deep embedding of STE one is able to reason about the STE
logic. While reasoning about the STE logic is one useful aspect about
this implementation, one can use an STE simulator from the HOL-ML
prompt to see STE model checking in action. This is particularly
useful for anyone learning STE model checking. Some example circuit
verification and relevant papers on STE (on which this work is built)
are also provided.

An early version of this work appeared in the Emerging Trends
Proceedings of TPHOLs 2003. The title of the paper is "Formalization
and Execution of STE in HOL". The theory that is formalized here
appeared in the paper titled Xs are for Trajectory Evaluation,
Booleans are for Theorem Proving by Mark Aagaard, Tom Melham and John
O' Leary.

The execution part of STE relies on implementing several lemmas and
results from the original paper on STE by Carl Seger and Randy Bryant
titled "Formal verification by symbolic evaluation of
partially-ordered trajectories"


Software Requirements

Make sure you have Moscow ML 2.01 and HOL4 installed on your
machine. You can obtain Moscow ML at and HOL4 from

How to install Moscow ML 2.0 and HOL 4 Kananaskis 2
Useful documentation is available on

STEScript.sml: Contains the definition of STE Theory, relation to the
               Boolean world, and the implementation function STE_Impl.
               It also contains all the lemmas and theorems presented
               in the paper.

              Contains the ML functions and conversions for running
              the STE simulator and obtaining the equivalent theorem
              in HOL.

Examples/:    Contains some illustrative examples.

The script file and the example have been tested under HOL 4
Kananaskis Release 2, on an Intel x86  machine running Red Hat 7.2

How to use it?

Make sure you compile the script file by running Holmake. If Holmake
is successful you should be able to see STETheory.sig, STETheory.ui and
STETheory.uo in your directory where you've compiled STEScript.sml. Once
you've the theory files ready, in an interactive session of HOL 4,
simply *use* the RunScript file.

A sample sesssion in HOL 4

- use "RunScript";

For feedback/questions:

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