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This directory contains a soundness proof of Jared Davis' Milawa
theorem prover. Milawa is a theorem prover styled after systems such
as Nqthm and ACL2, but differs from these in that it has a small
logical kernel and support for reflection. Its main proof checker can
at runtime be swapped for a different user-supplied proof checker.

Two subdirectories:

   -- constructs and proves the correctness of a Lisp runtime which is
      able to run through Milawa's lengthy bootstrapping process.
      (This involves processing a 4-gigabyte input.)

   -- formalises the logic Milawa uses, proves the logic sound and
      proves that Jared Davis' Milawa implementation is sound when run
      on top of the lisp runtime mentioned above.

The top-level result is in milawa-prover/soundness-thm where a theorem
states: when Milawa is run on top of the verified runtime it will only
ever prove statements that are true w.r.t. the semantics of Milawa's
formulas -- no matter how reflection or any other feature is used.

Copyright Magnus O. Myreen 2012