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Installation Instructions
On the VERTEX node do this.
make install
Then edit /usr/local/vertex/etc/vex.conf
- add hostnames for the compute nodes to this file.
For example n1:2:4
where 2 is the number of cores on the compute node n1
Distribution of RSA keys to the compute nodes
Before user applications can be executed remotely on compute nodes, the ssh key should be generated on vertex node and distributed to each of the compute nodes.
On vertex node (as root):
ssh-keygen -t rsa -f admin_key
mkdir /etc/xcpu
cp admin_key* /etc/xcpu
Once the key pair is generated, copy the key pair to each compute node at the location /etc/xcpu/
Adding or Deleting users
Use the standard Linux command to create/delete users. Refer example below.
Let.s say the new user id that needs to be created is .roy.. Follow steps given below on vertex node:
1. Create user id
> useradd .u 502 .g 501 roy
Here the new user is added to the existing group id .501..
2. Generate RSA key-pair for this user under the default /home/roy/.ssh/
> ssh-keygen .t rsa
NOTE: it is important that for the new user the key pair is generated otherwise the applications executed by this user will not run on compute nodes.
Then copy the tarball to your compute nodes then do this on the compute nodes.
make computenode-install
/etc/init.d/vertex start
Then start vertex on the vertex node
/etc/init.d/vertex start
If you have a cluster of vertex nodes, you can see more details in the
VERTEX manual in /usr/share/doc/vertex
For more information about VERTEX see
To discuss VERTEX go to the google group