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+Welcome to Open-Vertex.
+VERTEX is a hybrid HPC platform architecture where "VERTEX" control nodes
+transparently connect light-weight heterogeneous compute nodes to storage and
+system services. Open-Vertex is an open source implementation of VERTEX
+developed by HPCLinks and maintained on github.
+A subcomponent of Open-Vertex is the open source package called XCPU2.
+Open-Vertex contains a fork of the XCPU2 because the VERTEX objectives are
+significantly different than XCPU2 and XCPU2 maintenance has subsided.
+We are grateful to the XCPU2 developers for giving us a strong platform to
+start with.
+VERTEX address the challenges posed by today's Hybrid HPC systems that use
+traditional CPUs as well as compute intensive processors such as GPGPUs,
+many-core, and Cell processors on the same HPC system. By employing a set of
+unique features, VERTEX provides unprecedented levels of ease-of-use,
+flexibility and scalability for commodity hybrid HPC systems.
+About HPCLinks
+HPC Links is a unique, world-wide provider of HPC, multi-core, and cloud
+computing systems, solutions and services.
+Gregory P. Rodgers, Phd (Chief Systems Architect)
+Nikhil K Mittal (Developer)
+Syed Amjad Ali (Developer)
+Lakshman R. Malla (Project Manager)
+Ashwini K Nanda (Systems Architect)
+Kai Staats (Business Strategist)
+Gaurav Khanna (Distinguished Scientist, Applications)
+Sandhya Dwarkadas (Distinguished Scientist, Systems)
+For more information see the google group.
+Thank you

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