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Google Docs Add-on

This sample explores the possibility of an add-on to Google Docs.


Using this sample requires you to build a Google Docs add-on, the details of which I will not explore here. If you are interested in building a Google Docs addon for Content Manager contact me (David Churchland) as I am happy to discuss my experiences building this sample. A summary of the setup is:

  • set-up a publically available Content Manager server (with Web Client and ServiceAPI installed)
  • secure your server using HTTPS and ensure it can be accessed using a domain name (not IP address)
  • configre Google authentication on your server
  • create a new Google Docs addon (as per here)
  • paste the files appsscript.json, sidebar.html, existing_record_sidebar.html and into the corresponding files in the addon project
  • update the URls in both files to match those of your ServiceAPI server

Google authentication

To configure Google OAuth first follow the steps for the OAuth add-on, then:

  1. from your open App Scripts project select 'Resources > Cloud Platform Project'
  2. click the link to open the associated project
  3. fmom the menu choose 'APIs & services > credentials
  4. take note of the Client ID
  5. in the ServiceAPI web.config add the below XML inside the appSettings, inserting your client ID
   <add key="oauth.GoogleOAuthApp.ConsumerKey" value="[Client ID]"/>
   <add key="oauth.GoogleOAuthApp.ClientId" value="[Client ID]"/>