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Build Status

Try Now = in your browser

Nemo: Finden Statt Suchen! Find, Don't Seek!

We're on trunk / 4.6!

For convenience, we always have the latest compiling images & changes available for you here.


Metacello new
  baseline: 'Nemo';
  repository: 'github://HPI-SWA-LAB/Nemo/repository';

How to use our tool

To open a modified Browser, evaluate:

	NemoBrowser open

ALT+Q - Move the cursor behind a code snippet (literal, global or instance or temporary varibale) and press ALT+Q to trigger type inferencing to displays methods that can be invoked on the given return value. If you are using UNIX-based OS, you can also get suggestions for the return value of expressions (e.g. "Morph new" or "Color red" or "(Color red alpha 0.5)").

To get a ranked list of selectors, you need to scan some packages of the image, so that we can build Markov-chains. Do-it:

	"Register some observers"
	NemoObserverManager default
		addObserver: NemoMarkovObserver new;
		addObserver: NemoSelectorInfoObserver new.
	"Add Packages to scan"
	NemoObserverManager default
		addPackage: 'Morphic';
		addPackage: 'System';
		addPackage: 'Collections';