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Algernon is a productivity tool for Squeak programmers; your personal assistant for Squeak. Algernon aims to make programming in Squeak faster and more keyboard centric. It provides lightning quick access to the core functionalities (classes, methods, morphs, tests, repositories ...) and even gives you a quick way to evaluate Smalltalk expressions.


Follow our setup guide to install Algernon.


Algernon allows for keyboard only interaction - no need to use your mouse!

Control Action
Alt + Space Show Algernon
Esc Hide Algernon
Arrow up Navigate up
Arrow down Navigate down
Arrow right Navigate in
Arrow left Navigate out
Enter Run selected item


  • Search using fuzzy matching
  • Search and open categories, classes and methods
  • Explore and inspect classes and methods
  • Run tests
  • Open and save repositories
  • Search preferences
  • Search morphs
  • Search global variables
  • Print and evaluate Smalltalk expressions
  • Action verbs for filtering and quick access (e.g. run SomeTest will only search for tests and set a default action)
  • full text search in classes

For explanations regarding the usage of the features check out the wiki.


Credits to Erik Hinterbichler and Joey Hagedorn, the original creators of Algernon.