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HP Anyware Deployments on Azure

HP Teradici is the creator of the PCoIP remoting protocol technology and HP Anyware. HP Anyware enables highly-scalable and cost-effective deployments by managing cloud compute costs and brokering PCoIP connections to remote Windows or Linux workstations. The Anyware Manager solution is comprised of two main components – the Anyware Manager service, which is a service offered by HP Teradici to manage Anyware Manager deployments, and the Anyware Connector, which is the portion of the Anyware Manager solution that resides in the customer environment. To learn more about Anyware Manager (AWM), please visit

This repository contains a collection of Terraform scripts for demonstrating how to deploy Anyware Connectors in a user's Azure environments. Note: These scripts are suitable for creating reference deployments for demonstration, evaluation, or development purposes. The infrastructure created may not meet the reliability, availability, or security requirements of your organization.

HP Anyware Manager as a Service (AWM SaaS) Deployments

AWM SaaS with Local Domain Controller (AWM SaaS + DC)

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HP Anyware Manager Stand Alone Deployments

AWS & GCP Deployments