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High Performance & Quantum Computing. We solve problems on classical & quantum computers. Areas are: Physics, Chemistry, Health Science, Medicine, Computation

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  1. Type an M x M matrix for your open quantum system Hamiltonian, and give a spectral density (analytic or numerical). FeynDyn gives the density matrix dynamics according to the Leggett-Caldeira bath …

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  2. Open collaborative book on quadratization in discrete optimization and quantum mechanics.

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  3. Ab Initio Energies

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  4. Hamiltonian Zoo, Matrix Zoo, Functional Zoo, Wavefunction Zoo, Potential Zoo, Function Zoo, Master Equation Zoo, Particle Zoo, Complexity Zoo (Scott Aarsonson), Algorithms Zoo (Stephen Jordan), Zoo…


  5. The second architecture for large scale quantum annealing devices made by D-Wave.

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  6. Original version written by Bob LeRoy. Contributions from Nike Dattani started in 2007. Available using Git since 2013.

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