Dynamic DNS updates directly to a cloud provider
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Cloud DynDNS

Bring up dynamic DNS updates up-to-speed with current cloud computing.

When a host with a dynamic IP-address boots, it should be able to do a simple request to a chosen DNS-provider like AWS, Azure or Rackspace to inform its current IP-address.

There shouldn't be any need to keep pinging a daemon somewhere or do dynamic DNS-updates with complex authentication. Just make sure there is an automated API-request sent to your own provider during system boot (or IP-address change) and be done with it!


Given the early stage of development, some manual tinkering is required to get this working.

  1. Copy file cloud_dyndns.py into /usr/sbin/
  2. Copy directory clouddns/ into your local Python 3 library path. I'm using /usr/lib64/python3.6/site-packages on my distro.
    • To find your library paths, run: python3 -c 'import sys; print(sys.path)'

To Do:

  1. Create a proper Pip-package out of this
  2. Add more service providers
  3. Add documentation of appropriate ifup-hook to run DNS update.

systemd support

See file cloud-dyndns@.service. It is a systemd template service of type oneshot.

systemd example usage

systemctl start cloud-dyndns@rackspace-eth1

This would read the YAML-configuration from file /etc/cloud-dyndns/rackspace-eth1.yaml and do a DNS-update, if one is needed.

systemctl status cloud-dyndns@rackspace-eth1

A status request will see how the previous run was went.

Note: When status displays "inactive (dead)", that's prefectly normal. This service is not running for a very long time.

systemctl enable cloud-dyndns@rackspace-eth1

An enable will make sure the service is run on system boot.

Updating DNS on interface up

Running update on system boot will do it for most of us. Sometimes the network interface keeps flapping and an update will be needed on any ifup. All Linux distros provide a hook, which is run on interface up.

TBD: Explain how to run systemd-service on ifup.

Service providers

Currently supported:

  • Rackspace Cloud DNS

Soon supported:

  • Amazon Web Services, Route 53