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Train the HRNet model on ImageNet
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High-resolution networks (HRNets) for Image classification


This is the official code of high-resolution representations for ImageNet classification. We augment the HRNet with a classification head shown in the figure below. First, the four-resolution feature maps are fed into a bottleneck and the number of output channels are increased to 128, 256, 512, and 1024, respectively. Then, we downsample the high-resolution representations by a 2-strided 3x3 convolution outputting 256 channels and add them to the representations of the second-high-resolution representations. This process is repeated two times to get 1024 channels over the small resolution. Last, we transform 1024 channels to 2048 channels through a 1x1 convolution, followed by a global average pooling operation. The output 2048-dimensional representation is fed into the classifier.

ImageNet pretrained models

HRNetV2 ImageNet pretrained models are now available!

model #Params GFLOPs top-1 error top-5 error Link
HRNet-W18-C 21.3M 3.99 23.2% 6.6% OneDrive
HRNet-W30-C 37.7M 7.55 21.8% 5.8% OneDrive
HRNet-W32-C 41.2M 8.31 21.5% 5.8% OneDrive
HRNet-W40-C 57.6M 11.8 21.1% 5.5% OneDrive
HRNet-W44-C 67.1M 13.9 21.1% 5.6% OneDrive
HRNet-W48-C 77.5M 16.1 20.7% 5.5% OneDrive

Quick start


  1. Install PyTorch=0.4.1 following the official instructions
  2. git clone
  3. Install dependencies: pip install -r requirements.txt

Data preparation

You can follow the Pytorch implementation:

The data should be under ./data/imagenet/images/.

Train and test

Please specify the configuration file, the directory for data and the directory for saving log files and models.

bash --cfg <CONFIG-FILE> --dataDir <DATA-DIR> --logDir <LOG-DIR> --modelDir <MODEL-DIR>

For example, train the HRNet-W18 on ImageNet with a batch size of 128 on 4 GPUs:

python tools/ --cfg experiments/cls_hrnet_w18_sgd_lr5e-2_wd1e-4_bs32_x100.yaml --dataDir ./data/ --logDir ./log/ --modelDir ./output/

For example, test the HRNet-W18 on ImageNet on 4 GPUs:

python tools/ --cfg experiments/cls_hrnet_w18_sgd_lr5e-2_wd1e-4_bs32_x100.yaml --dataDir ./data/ --testModel hrnetv2_w18_imagenet_pretrained.pth

Other applications of HRNet


If you find this work or code is helpful in your research, please cite:

  title={Deep High-Resolution Representation Learning for Human Pose Estimation},
  author={Ke Sun and Bin Xiao and Dong Liu and Jingdong Wang},

  title={High-Resolution Representations for Labeling Pixels and Regions},
  author={Ke Sun and Yang Zhao and Borui Jiang and Tianheng Cheng and Bin Xiao 
  and Dong Liu and Yadong Mu and Xinggang Wang and Wenyu Liu and Jingdong Wang},
  journal   = {CoRR},
  volume    = {abs/1904.04514},


[1] Deep High-Resolution Representation Learning for Human Pose Estimation. Ke Sun, Bin Xiao, Dong Liu, and Jingdong Wang. CVPR 2019. download

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