List of Specifications, Presentations, Drivers, Compilers, Tools, Libraries

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HSA Foundation Specifications

Presentations and Whitepapers

Driver Software (for AMD Kaveri APU)

LLVM->HSAIL Reference Compiler
HSAIL code generators for the popular LLVM compiler infrastructure. Two compiler versions are available:

  • [HSAIL-HLC-Development] ( : LLVM-based high-level compiler (HLC) that generates HSAIL. The Development version contains a lightweight patch set for the LLVM Compiler, including all source code. This is recommended for developers who are adding HSAIL support to an existing programming language.
  • [HSAIL-HLC-Stable] ( : LLVM-based high-level-compiler (HLC) that generates HSAIL. The Stable version includes optimizations and atomics, and is provided in binary form. This is recommended for programmers using C++AMP or CLOC who want to generate high-quality HSAIL code.


  • [HSAIL Assembler / Disassembler] ( : Assemble HSAIL text to HSAIL binary ("BRIG") or vice-versa. Also includes a library for compilers to create and manipulate HSAIL instructions.
  • OKRA Runtime Layer : Approachable runtime layer built on top of HSA Foundation Runtime.

Programming Languages

  • C++ and C++AMP : Single-source C++ compilers that generate and execute HSAIL.
  • CLOC : CL Offline Compiler. Compile CL kernels to HSAIL.
  • [Java / Aparapi] ( : Allows programs written in Java to be accelerated on the GPU. Aparapi is a Java library that converts Java bytecode to HSAIL. Aparapi enablement on HSA is on-going.
  • [Java / Sumatra] ( : Allows programs written in Java to be accelerated on the GPU. Sumatra is a modified JVM which generates HSAIL. Sumatra enablement on HSA is on-going.
  • OpenMP : Initial GCC-based compiler for generating HSAIL for loops marked with OpenMP pragmas.


  • HSA Simulator : A software simulator for HSA virtual machine that can run on any x86 CPU platform. [Note: Simulator update to 1.0P versions of specification is in-progress.]
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