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HSAIL-Tools are used for parsing, assembling, and disassembling HSAIL.

The following components are provided:

  • libHSAIL is the main library.
  • libHSAIL-AMD is the library with AMD HSAIL extensions.
  • HSAILAsm is command-line interface to libHSAIL.

This version of libHSAIL supports HSA PRM 1.02 (Final) specification.


libHSAIL requires the following components:

  • CMake
  • libdwarf (if BUILD_WITH_LIBBRIGDWARF=1)
  • perl
  • re2c

libHSAIL CMake build will automatically find these dependencies if installed.

libHSAIL can be built without debug support and does not require libelf/libdwarf in this case.

BUILD (general)

We recommend to use out-of-source CMake build and create separate directory to run CMake.

To build libHSAIL without BRIG DWARF (no debug support), specify -DBUILD_WITH_LIBBRIGDWARF=OFF option to CMake.

To avoid building HSAILAsm, specify -DBUILD_HSAILASM=OFF option to CMake.

To avoid building all vendor extensions, specify -DVENDOR_EXTENSIONS=OFF option to CMake.

To avoid building AMD extensions, specify -DAMD_EXTENSIONS=OFF option to CMake.

A set of tests is included and can be run with 'make test' (requires HSAILAsm to be built).

To enable additional syntax validation tests, specify -DSYNTAX_VALIDATION_TESTS=ON option to CMake.

BUILD (Linux)

mkdir -p build/lnx64
cd build/lnx64
cmake ../..
make -j

On modern Linux distributions libHSAIL dependencies are typically provided by the distribution. For example, the following command can be used to install them on Ubuntu 14.04 system:

sudo apt-get install cmake libdwarf-dev libelf-dev llvm-dev ncurses-dev re2c perl

Building on Linux requires GCC 4.8+.

On Linux, CMake normally finds all dependencies automatically. However, it is also possible to override it (see, for example, scripts in bin/ subdirectory).

BUILD (Windows)

Building on Windows requires MSVC (Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 or later).

CMake command line should specify compiler configuration:

md build/win64
cd build/win64
cmake -G "Visual Studio 12 2013 Win64" ...

CMake will attempt to locate corresponding compiler and generate Visual Studio solution file which can be opened and built in Visual Studio.

For Windows, it is possible to obtain dependencies from corresponding software sources:

On Windows, cmake command line additionally might need to include the location of dependencies. Refer to scripts in bin/ subdirectory for an example how to specify them.


Tools for parsing, assembling, and disassembling HSAIL.






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