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Commandline PHP app to convert old irc:// logs to the current log format.
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IRC Log Converter


We log #HSBNE to file publically, as it states in our channel topic. At one point we had to migrate logging bots due to a member leaving. This script converts the old logs to the new logs.

The script is recorded here in case it's found in the future that some huge gaff has been made and data lost.


There are two log archives. the old is the files to be converted, and the dated archive is the latest logs from when the logging server was shut down.


  • = PHP5.3


tar -xf logs.tar logs


chmod +x convertphp

Implementation Notes

The script recurses for all files, then parses out the filename and each line of each file to find timestamp information and consequent info like username, action etc. It places this all into a big array and then writes it out. Ie its a functional piece of code, not an efficient piece of code.

If it's found to have lost any lines, then they weren't matched by $searches. Just add a new search regex and a matching result string to transform it to. If it's any more broken than that, you'll probably have to start from scratch cos this script won't help.