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HSBNE Brand Assets

Hey! If you're reading this you're (hopefully) interested in writing something about HSBNE. Thats great, hopefully these files make that easier.



The HSBNE logo in vector format. Sometimes presented with the text "HSBNE" on the right or below. Text in relation to the logo always utilises the logo font.

Art/Logo Stencil.svg

The HSBNE logo in vector format suitable for stencils. Typically used on printed circuit board silkscreens. Is not typically used with the word "HSBNE", but may be used alongside the HSBNE url


The HSBNE logo font. Only used in relation to Art/Logo.svg. Font is licensed as freeware, CEAB.ttf.

Brand Guidelines

The HSBNE Logo (Art/Logo.svg) is always presented on a White (#FFFFFF) background. The logo text, if used, is presented in black (#000000).

The logo text (HSBNE) is typically presented to the right or below the logo.