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HSBNE Member Portal

The HSBNE member portal is how HSBNE members manage their membership.


  • Member registration system (signup, login etc)
  • Profile - members can update all their info in one place
    • Personal details like name, email, cause membership
    • Members can see their current access restrictions
  • Spacebug reporting tool (issue reporting form)
  • Access system built in
    • Activate new members & enable/disable existing members
    • Granular door and tool/machines permissions
    • API so readers/interlocks can check access
    • Swipe Statistics (last seen and recent swipes)
  • Member overview for executive
    • Search for members and sort by name, status, etc
    • Change a member's profile
  • Causes
    • List of all causes
    • List of members in each cause and quorum
  • Admin Interface
    • View, add and edit the following:
      • Causes, doors and interlocks
  • Space webcam integration
  • Full Spacebucks Support
    • Debit API for vending machines etc.
    • Members can see a transaction history (credits & debits) and current balance
    • Stripe integration
      • Members can add/remove a card to their profile
      • Can charge card to add spacebucks to profile
  • Automatically create a xero contact and create invoice when a noob is made into a member

Coming Soon

  • Manage recurring membership fees via direct debit service
  • Manage recurring membership via xero invoices
  • Edit member swipe in theme

Getting Started

See the file in this repo for instructions on how to setup your development environment and run the portal software.

Contributing Guidelines

If you're able to write python (django) or JavaScript please contribute. It's a lot of work to write something like this properly from scratch. Please use best practices while contributing. This includes writing clean code (messy/hacky code will be rejected) and making sure it's well commented. Try to think of the next person who comes along so use variable names that make sense and avoid weird tricks that not everyone will understand.

HSBNE members: Check with Jaimyn (@jabelone) before working on something, then make a pull request when you are happy with your changes.

Other people: Work on existing issues (use comments to clarify/discuss things). If you want to fix undocumented bugs or add new things open an issue and ask how it should be done.


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