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Want to get started quickly?

Install requirements

You need Node and yarn (or npm3).

  • node -v should be >= 8
  • yarn --version should be >= 0.18.0 (or npm -v should be >= 3)

You also need a C compiler:

  • Linux: GCC 4.6 or later
  • OS X: Xcode 5.0 or later
  • Windows: for example MSVC 2013 Express


  • yarn install

Start development version

Start production version

Note: on Windows, add "win-" prefix to the run commands above. For example: npm run win-build. The same applies to other npm run commands below.

Analyse webpack bundle

  • run: webpack -p --json > digitransit.json
  • Upload digitransit.json to

Or you can also use this:

Configure Git Hooks

You should configure git pre-commit hook to run tests and lint. That can be done like so:

  • ln -s ../../hooks/ .git/hooks/pre-commit
  • ln -s ../../hooks/ .git/hooks/pre-push

Configuration application

Digitransit ui can be configured in multiple ways. You can

  • Change between National and Regional versions using CONFIG parameter
  • Switch API backend using API_URL parameter
  • Enable Sentry client side error monitoring using SENTRY_* parameters

Note that you can combine multiple configuration parameters.

Changing National/Regional version (optional)

Start national version

  • yarn run build
  • yarn run start

Start HSL version

  • yarn run build
  • CONFIG=hsl yarn run start

Changing urls for OpenTripPlanner, Geocoding, Service alerts and Vehicle positions (optional)

By default digitransit-ui uses services from but you can override API server like so:

  • yarn run build
  • API_URL= yarn run start

If you want to specify different URL (not just base URL) for individual services, you can define variables OTP_URL, ALERTS_URL, VEHICLE_URL and/or GEOCODING_BASE_URL (URL path before /search or /reverse).

  • yarn run build
  • GEOCODING_BASE_URL= OTP_URL= yarn run start

Using Sentry to track client errors (optional)

Sentry can be configured like so:

  • yarn run build
  • SENTRY_DSN= SENTRY_SECRET_DSN= yarn run start
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