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Custom themes and configurations

Appearance and behavior of digitransit-ui can be customized by:

  • Creating a custom config file to a path app/configurations/config.<theme>.js
  • Optionally adding custom style definitions to sass/themes/<theme> folder
  • If dynamic theme mapping to the new theme is desired, the new theme must be added to the theme map found in app/configurations/config.default.js

Check the existing themes such as 'oulu' for details. There is a npm script for initializing all three steps above with a single command:

  • npm run add-theme <name> '#RRGGBB' <optional navbar logo>

After running the command, the created skeleton files can be edited further.

Dynamic theme mapping

The UI can change the theme per request. This happens by defining how host names are mapped to theme names. See config.default.js for details.

Themes in development mode

Dynamic theme mapping is not available when the UI server is launched as 'npm run dev'. The desired theme can de selected as:

  • CONFIG=<theme> npm run dev

Themes in production mode

Dynamic theme mapping is available by default in production mode i.e. when the app is launched using npm start command. A single selected theme can be forced by setting the CONFIG env. variable:

  • CONFIG=<theme> npm start

Building the production version

The build command npm run build collects all existing themes found from app/configurations folder.