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Reads GTFS-RT feed from a http(s) source and publishes every entity to MQTT topic as its own differential GTFS-RT feed


You need to configure at least the following env variables that are marked as mandatory

  • (mandatory) "MQTT_BROKER_URL" MQTT broker's URL
  • (mandatory) "FEED_TYPE" which type of a GTFS RT data is provided (for example vp for vehicle position), used in MQTT topic
  • (mandatory) "FEED_NAME" name for the data feed, used in MQTT topic
  • (mandatory) "FEED_URL" URL for the HTTP(S) GTFS RT data source
  • (optional) "USERNAME" username for publishing to a MQTT broker
  • (optional) "PASSWORD" password for publishing to a MQTT broker
  • (optional, default 5) "INTERVAL" how long to wait in seconds between fetching new data from HTTP(S) data feed
  • (optional, default "OTP_URL" defines where to fetch otp data from
  • (optional, default 3600) "OTP_INTERVAL" defines in seconds the wait time between fetching new data from OTP
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