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class Realtime
constructor: ->
# Create Faye client that connects to the navigator-server
@client = new Faye.Client citynavi.config.faye_url
@subs = {}
# Called from render_route_layer function when a new route
# suggestion is given to the user that includes also legs other than walking
# FIXME seems that routes are never unsubscribed unless the subscribe_route
# id is called again with the route_id that has been subscribed earlier.
subscribe_route: (route_id, callback, callback_args) ->
if @subs[route_id]
@unsubscribe_route route_id
# Replace all spaces with "_" and all ":" with "-".
route_path = route_id.replace(/\ /g, "_").replace(/:/g, "-")
# The path/channel that returns any vehicles for the route_id.
path = "/location/#{}/#{route_path}/**"
# Subscribe messages from the path/channel and call callback
# function defined in render_route_layer in
# when there is a message.
sub = @client.subscribe path, (message) ->
callback message, callback_args
@subs[route_id] = sub
unsubscribe_route: (route_id) ->
if not @subs[route_id]
delete @subs[route_id]
citynavi.realtime = new Realtime
#citynavi.realtime.subscribe_route "1004", (msg) ->
# console.log "route 1004"
# console.log msg