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Logoskop (greek word viewer) displays The Word - two related bible quotations for each day of the year, published by Project Bible 2.0

Author: Helmut Steeb I am grateful to my Lord Jesus Christ who makes me able to provide Logoskop.

Simple usage

After installation,

  • Logoskop automatically displays The Word for the current day
  • ... for your language
    • guessing from your operating system settings,
    • or English,
  • ... for the Bible editions contained in the installation package
  • ... for the current year
    • when the year is over, you need to download files for the next year;
    • conveniently using menu File | Actualize The Word).


  • copy The Word to the Windows clipboard (menu Edit | Copy).
  • put the application into the startup folder (during the installation)
  • select multiple bible editions in different languages using the comboboxes in the toolbar or menu File | Organize The Word.
  • install additional texts (*.twd) for other languages or for years to come (menu File | Organize The Word)
  • change the user interface language (i.e. menus and message texts...) in menu Edit | Options. The new language is used after a restart of Logoskop.
  • display information about the bible texts used using menu View | Copyright. To display The Word again, again toggle menu View | Copyright or select another day or language.
  • create email signatures containing The Word of the current day

Download Windows Installer

See the page on

(in German language:


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