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2 Weeks Ready

Try the live development version of app: 2 Weeks Ready - Dev

Project List

Each project landing page (linked below) contains instructions on setting up environments and running the application.

  1. 2wr-app : User interface front-end. Progressive web application. Primary technologies, JavaScript(Vue.js and Vuetify).

  2. api : Azure Functions (logic layer) in C# that uses Cosmos DB as storage.

  3. admin : No landing page yet, ASP.NET Blazor interface for administrative users to maintain content in the application.

2WR Logo

Disasters can impact you when you least expect them to. That’s why our team is developing 2 Weeks Ready, a mobile preparedness app to help you and the people you care about get prepared for the next disaster. Use your skills for good and help serve your community. Join us in developing 2 Weeks Ready, an app developed by a community of volunteers that will help others survive and thrive through disasters to come.

2 Weeks Ready makes disaster preparedness:

EASY: During times of crisis, we make it easy to find the information and resources you need. Keeping it simple for you, your family, and friends to prepare for the next disaster.

SHARABLE: Create and share your family emergency plan with the people you care about. It’s customizable and secure. No gimmicks or data mining involved.

TIME-SAVING: This app will save you time. Have all your emergency plans, contacts, and important documents in one place on the go! You can also build your kits with ease using our emergency kit calculator. We make it simple.

For many years, we’ve been talking about the importance of being prepared for 72 hours. This is a good start, and helpful in the event of short-term power outages or temporary evacuation. Natural Disasters such as Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Tornados, Hurricanes and Forest Fires, may leave much of your area’s transportation routes destroyed. We will have to count on each other in the community, in the workplace and at home in order to be safe until responders can reach you.

Use this application as a means to prepare to become two weeks ready.

For additional details, questions, etc. You can reach out out to Pascal @schuback or Richard @richcampbell on twitter and/or join our hackathon dev channel on slack ( (LINK posted 3/5 and expires 14 days after)

Getting Started

This project is configured to work with DevContainers/Codespaces to get developers up and running as quickly as possible. For DevContainers, all you need is Docker installed and you should be good to go! For Codespaces, you will need a GitHub account wiht Codespaces enabled.

To see a full demo on how to setup your DevContainer/Codespaces environment, check out this video from @davidwesst where he walks through setting up HTBox/TwoWeeksReady, executing the various development tasks, and provides an overview about DevContainers and Codespaces.

To setup your own development environment from scratch or to install the dependendies locally, refer to the files .devcontainer/devcontainer.json and .devcontainer/Dockerfile to understand what tools are required.

Solution Architecture

Architecture of Two Weeks Ready



Support preparedness and alerting related to emergency situations.







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