Domain Language

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In allReady we represent the "tenants" of the application as Organizations. An example would be the American Red Cross who will utilise allReady for their activities.


A campaign is the top level of management for a focused initiative. In our pilots for example this could be the deployment of free smoke alarms within a defined region or geography. An Organization can create and manage one or more campaigns within allReady.


Events allow components of a campaign to start to be broken down into logical and time bounded units. A Campaign is likely to have multiple events through its lifetime. For example, there may be an Event to raise awareness of a campaign and with a goal of signing up volunteers for future events. This type of event is considered a "Rally" event. The second type of event is an "Itinerary" event which includes the ability to manage more complex deployments. Itinerary events are designed to support enhanced planning of external requests, with assignments to teams of volunteers.

Volunteer Task

Any Event can have one or more Tasks defined. This allows the granular planning of the Event act ivies. For a Rally Event this could include a task to setup at the start of the event, a task to recruit volunteers and a task to clean up after the event. This allows finer management of the event. Tasks are the unit of signup for volunteers.


A volunteer is a user signed up to allReady who has volunteered for a task. Any signed up user can volunteer if their skill-set matches the requirements of the task.


A skill is defined as an ability or qualification that a volunteer can possess. Examples include driver, electrician etc. Users can define their skills and Organization admins can scope tasks to given skills to aid in ensuring the right people volunteer for the right tasks.


A Request is a requirement for a unit of work from an outside party. In the smoke alarm pilot example, members of the public can make a Request for a free smoke alarm install. Requests are linked to an Organization and later get associated with an Event. Requests can be generated via third party sites such as which use an API integration to pass them to allReady. Requests can also be added via CSV import or manually via the admin UI.


Itineraries are the unit of planning for a piece of work to complete a set of Requests. Itineraries can be created only against Itinerary Events and are scoped to a single day. Organization admins will use itineraries to support deployment for locally grouped Requests, by one or more Volunteers.

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