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Welcome to allReady

This repo contains the code for allReady, an open-source solution focused on increasing awareness, efficiency and impact of preparedness campaigns as they are delivered by humanitarian and disaster response organizations in local communities.

Long-Running and I/O-Bound Operations

If you are interested in working with Azure Functions and moving things like communications, importing data, image processing and more please check out the related repository for our allReady-processing project.

Upcoming v1.0 Release

We are on the path to our first production v1.0 release! We are tracking requirements in our v1.0 Release Milestone and currently directing efforts to closing out issues starting with P1-P3 priority items that are currently being triaged and tagged.

More info to come in our biweekly standups

.NET Core 2.0.x

As part of the work to support cross platform development, we have modified the allReady projects to support .NET Core. This will allow development on Mac devices*. We are currently tracking .NET Core 2.0.x, which we expect to fall into LTS support.

Existing and new developers will need to ensure they have the latest .NET Core SDK supporting the current release 2.0.x. We have added basic steps for developers to setup their device at

More detailed setup information for new developers exists at

Project overview

allReady is focused on increasing awareness, efficiency and impact of preparedness campaigns delivered by humanitarian and disaster response organizations in local communities. As community preparedness and resliency increases, the potential for impactful disasters (both large and small) is greatly decreased. Though not as visible or emotionally salient as saving children from a burning building, preparedness activities like ensuring working smoke detectors in a community, follows the industry rule of thumb where an hour or dollar spent before a disaster is worth 15-30 afterwards. The goal of allReady hinges on growing awareness of, and engaging communities and their volunteers in preparedness campaigns, and more aspirationally, to "put disaster response out of business" by preparing communities to be resilient to inevitable disasters.

To learn more about the need for allReady, the technologies involved and how the app came together, view the project information and blog post on the Humanitarian Toolbox website and watch the In the Code video series:


The allReady project was jumpstarted by volunteers at Microsoft and has been turned over to Humanitarian Toolbox to be maintained and improved by the technical community at large and ultimately deployed in support of organizations delivering preparedness campaigns everywhere.

The initial launch of development for allReady started on 7/20/2015 during the Visual Studio 2015 release event.

How you can help

To help make improvements to this project, you can just clone this repository and start coding, testing, and/or designing.

Important Before jumping in, please review the solution architecture and instructions below to get started. It contains critical information on how to configure the project to run locally and optionally deploy AllReady to Azure.

Also we have a guide on setting up git for open source projects like allReady that can help you get started making contributions. You can find the guide in our docs folder and it also reference a number of blog posts written with additional information on contributing to projects like ours.

Thank you for considering supporting this open source project for humanitarian support.