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HTH Help The Homeless Coin wiki

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HTH Coin

Help the Homeless Coin

HTHCoin is an open source project built on a fork of bitcoin, launched July 1st, 2018. It's an open source project, focused on building a useful technology that will benefit Help The Homeless worldwide, by improving the lives of individuals at risk or in or in need of assistance by aiding charities, organizations & individuals with a direct line of real use resources. This project has No Pre-Mine and no ICO.

August 20, 2018 Help The Homeless Worldwide A NJ Nonprofit Corporation got its approval for 501(c)(3) Federal Tax Exemption.

Help the Homeless uses the x16r algorithm which uses a unique random order of the 16 hashing algorithms that are constantly changed based on the hash of the previous block. The randomness of hashing algorithms makes it reasonably resistant to ASIC development. Using the x16r algorithm, avoids ASIC centralized mining.

The coin aims to implement a blockchain based charity fund that will be used to provide financial assistance with shelters, food, clothing, job seminars, access to local employers, and rehabilitation to help rebuild the lives of the homeless individuals globally.

Our Mantra: Every human on Earth has the right to a fair chance in life. But around the world, millions are being left behind – disadvantaged, endangered and deprived of everything they need to thrive. It doesn’t need to be this way. Investing in local and global communities where the poorest people live not only improves their lives but also the broader community. Let us break the vicious cycle of poverty.

The #FairChance campaign launched by HTH asks you to take actions, to spread awareness. To not only hold governments but yourself accountable for ensuring a better future for every person. This all starts here.


HTH core wallet for Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as Daemon and cli can be found at the Github. You can find the wallet here: but also here at Github:

A cheap and safe cold wallet is the paper wallet. [wallet generator] When generating a new paper wallet, be sure to download the generator site from github, and disconnect your internet connection while you generate the wallet for max security.


HTH Masternodes was activated at block 24805. Collateral is 2,500,000 HTH. The chain upfront the masternode fork contained 6 irregular nodes. This is the Charity fund node and 5 seednodes. Masternode Install Script Ubuntu 16.04 VPS masternode This script configures a new vps, perform update/upgrade, install dependencies, set up swapfile and cronjobs, and install HTH in path for ease of use. It also create a logfile of the install in .hthcore folder. Ip:port and private key show at the end for easy copy/paste to control wallet. Script Link:

How to Mine

Mining Pools

Disclaimer HTH Coin does not run these third-party services and can take no responsibility**

Charity Fund

The charity fund is the heart of Help the Homeless coin. Total Charity Amount Raised to date 12/01/2018: Over 74 Million

BTC & HTH Donation Address

HTH Address: HF5rjaXU7s3QCKuSb6uYJvAeVa3qWC3MKm BTC Address: 3Kmqb2d9fBTq7kr66Hp5N47661QzS9dKoQ

HTH-Coin Light Paper

HTH-Coin Partners

Land for the Homeless

Grassroots Crisis Intervention

The Salvation Army

My Crypto Stats


MN World

All partners are listed on our site!**Achievements to Date:**

  • Help The Homeless Coin blockchain launch day was July 1, 2018 to over 2,000 people with zero issues.
  • Help The Homeless Coin paid for Crypto-Bridge cryptocurrency exchange out of pocket & were listed July 7, 2018. HTH Coin paid ,900 for listing & was listed by Crypto-Bridge early instead of the 14 day waiting period for all coins.
  • Help The Homeless Coin has completed it's first round of care packages to Destiny's Bridge in Howell, NJ July 14 & was paid for by the team without using any donations.
  • Help The Homeless Coin has secured partnership with a NPO in Old Bridge, NJ on July 13, 2018. L4H is currently accepting HTH Coin on their website for donations.
  • Help The Homeless Coin has done this all within 2 weeks of our blockchain launch.
  • Help The Homeless Coin has secured partnership with Grassroots Crisis Intervention in Columbus, Maryland on August 13, 2018
  • Help The Homeless Coin has secured partnership with The Salvation Army of Athens, Greece on August 14, 2018
  • US registered Organisation approved 501(c)(3) August 20, 2018
  • Listed on Smartrade Exchange Services Inc, Canada
  • Crex24 Exchange Listing Paid.

Official Links:








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