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HTH Partners

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HTH Partners are organization, charities & businesses who have the goals of helping those who need assistance.

The HTH Partnership is unlike any others, we offer our HTH Partners a unique opportunity, obtain donations on reoccurring daily basis by setting up Masternodes for each partnership. The HTH Partners receive daily payouts from Masternodes that they can keep for price increases or trade on the available exchanges.

Each Partner has their own unique HTH Coin Donation Address posted on all of the HTH Social Media Websites as well as the HTH Coin Website. Above all, each HTH Partner has the opportunity to fund raise on through our Nonprofit Corporation simply titled, Help The Homeless Worldwide A NJ Nonprofit Corporation, which is a 501(c)(3) based in Barnegat. New Jersey.


Land for the Homeless is a New Jersey based 501(c)3 public charity, founded at the start of 2015 by Kyler Dineen, which is working to construct a supportive tiny home community on a plot of land it owns in Central NJ for the homeless to be able to live upon legally and in peace, without fear of unwarranted eviction or harassment. The project comes in response to the governmental closure and destruction of the Lakewood Tent City. With shelter overcrowding continuing to be a serious issue across New Jersey and America as a whole, this project aims to create a low-cost solution to a very serious local problem with room for national expansion potential. The philosophy behind the project is that “anything is better than a park bench” and that the homeless problem will not be solved by simply trying to brush away those who are unsheltered but rather can be alleviated through the establishment of a well maintained and uplifting transitional environment for those affected to seek refuge and work toward bettering their situation.

Since its inception, Land for the Homeless has also expanded its programming to include working with community organizations that are willing to host the homeless on their property and providing requested supplies to those presently unsheltered. It is presently working on the development of a mobile application called “Homeless Tracker” to enable citizens to report homeless sightings to social service agencies poised to offer assistance, a cookbook called “Homeless Cooking” full of affordable and nutritious recipes that one could make if they were living without shelter, and a regular podcast/talk show called “Homeless Talk” that will highlight the ongoing homeless crisis across the US and beyond.

L4H is completely volunteer run and relies entirely on private contributions to support its operations. Please help us help the homeless by volunteering or donating.

The full vision for the project is detailed in the organization’s nonprofit plan which can be found here:

To view Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our charity, please click here:


The Salvation Army in Greece The Salvation Army is an international Christian movement that operates in 124 countries worldwide. In Greece, the Salvation Army has been operating as a nonprofit company from January 2011, standing by the homeless, elderly, young families with infants and victims of trafficking. It began its activities in Thessaloniki in 2007 and from 2012 in Athens, too.

The Salvation Army aims to spread the Christian message of God's love to all, as well as extend humanitarian aid, regardless of politics, religious beliefs or race. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by love for God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and meet human needs in His name without discrimination.

The Salvation Army in Greece is officially recognized as a Non Profit Company based in Thessaloniki.


About Us We never sleep so others can rest easier. Grassroots is a multi-service crisis intervention center providing 24-hour crisis intervention services, emergency and transitional shelter, and community education.

We are what people need at the moment they need it. Hotline Counselor on Call Our mission is not very complicated, it’s to serve those in need. Of course, more and more these days, carrying out that mission gets complicated. Today, providing our various services requires more staff, more planning, more resources and more skill than ever before. That’s why we are so grateful to all of you in both the public and private sector who support the work that we do. We would not be able to help those in need without the help we get from you.

Mission Grassroots provides supportive and professional 24-hour crisis intervention, suicide prevention, shelter, and outreach services to individuals and families experiencing a personal, situational, mental health, or shelter crisis.

24-hour Crisis Intervention Services Grassroots operates a 24-hour general crisis hotline and walk-in counseling program, and is the first point of contact in the County for homeless services. The agency operates the Mobile Crisis Team, in partnership with Humanim, to respond with the Police to psychiatric emergencies and family crises in the community. Special youth services include the Maryland Crisis Hotline, the Runaway Intervention Program, outreach and educational programs. Staff also respond to requests from the community for crisis intervention services following a traumatic event. The Crisis Intervention Service is certified by the American Association of Suicidology.


ABOUT THE FOUNDATION AND TEAM The MSM Moore foundation (MSMMF) is a nonprofit, independent professional association that represents a diverse membership of nearly 400 health education professionals and students in 32 towns.

MSMMF members work in schools, universities, voluntary organizations, health care settings, worksites, and in local, state and federal government agencies.

Volunteers spend time providing companionship and recreational activities.

Additionally, volunteers assist in teaching basic English language and mathematics. In Public Schools, you will not only assist but also be a mentor and a friend while having the unique opportunity to experience the activities of the students and staff.


ABOUT US Started in 2012, we are a philanthropic initiative that has been setup up to address various objectives with a special focus on developing countries and impoverished nations.

Since 2012, we have come a long way towards achieving some of these objectives. From a partnership starting with 7 communities in one city, Antananarivo. Today, we serve more than 60 communities in three countries.

We believe that a change we can effect however small is worth the try considering the number of lives we improve in our struggle.

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