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@Bushstar Bushstar released this Jul 8, 2018 · 20 commits to master-2.1 since this release

  • Performance Improvements
    • Chainstate database is now per-output instead of a per-transaction model
    • Full chainstate cache now used
    • Reduced redundant script validation
    • LevelDB upgraded to 1.20
    • Keypool refill sped up
  • Rescanning with encrypted wallets
  • addwitnessaddress, abortrescan, combinerawtransaction, estimaterawfee, getchaintxstats, listwallets and uptime RPC calls added
  • Fee Estimation Improvements
  • Multi-wallet support
  • Removal of Coin Age Priority
  • Mempool Persistence Across Restarts

This release moves us from the Bitcoin 0.14 codebase to 0.15. Read more about the changes between these version by following the links below.

Bitcoin 0.15.0 release notes
Bitcoin 0.15.1 release notes

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