jQuery alert/modal/lightbox plugin
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jAlert v4



Demo & Detailed Docs


What is it?

Simple jQuery (Modal | Popup | Lightbox | Alert) Plugin

Whether you call it a lightbox, modal, popup, or window, jAlert is an excellent replacement / alternative for Simple Modal, FancyBox, or Reveal.

Getting the files

Using NPM:

npm install jAlert


jQuery 1.7+


Include the CSS files from the folder in the head section:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="jAlert-master/dist/jAlert.css">

Include the JS file from the folder before the </body>:

<script src="jAlert-master/dist/jAlert.min.js"></script>
<script src="jAlert-master/dist/jAlert-functions.min.js"></script> <!-- COMPLETELY OPTIONAL -->

To use the 'data-jAlert' attributes, you must attach the handlers (must be re-attached for newly added dynamic content):

<a href='#' data-jAlert data-title='New jAlert!' data-content='Great job!'>Click Me</a>

This is the default usage. Doesn't require jAlert-functions.js

  $.jAlert({ //this is the normal usage
    'title': 'Test',
    'content': 'Howdy',
    'theme': 'green',
    'size': 'xsm'

Quick Use (requires jAlert-functions.js!!!)

  alert('hi'); //override is enabled by default 

Note: When you run alert() in your console, it works as expected but will return "undefined"...ignore that. It's just because the function doesn't return anything. Had to add this disclaimer because people got confused..lol..

  successAlert('Success', 'You did it!'); //green alert
  errorAlert('Error', 'It didn\'t work!'); //red alert
  infoAlert('Info', 'Information!'); //blue alert
  warningAlert('Warning', 'Warning!'); //yellow alert
  blackAlert('Warning', 'Warning!'); //black alert (obviously)
  imageAlert('http://mydomain.com/myimg.jpg'); //optional second param is the image width (defaults to auto)
  ajaxAlert('http://mydomain.com/myfile.php'); //optional second param is onOpen callback which gets passed the instance of jAlert
  iframeAlert('http://mydomain.com'); //optional second param is height (defaults to fill the viewport height)
  }, function(){
  $.fn.jAlert.defaults.backgroundColor = 'white'; //override a default setting
  $.fn.jAlert({ //same as $.jAlert when you're not passing an element - this alert will now have the white background color
    'title': 'Test',
    'content': 'Howdy',
    'theme': 'green',
    'size': 'xsm'
    //'backgroundColor': 'white' //you could also pass it here
  $.fn.jAlert.defaults.backgroundColor = 'black'; //set it back to black
  $('.btn').alertOnClick({ //this function attaches an onclick handler to .btn and passes the options to jAlert
    'title': 'It worked!',
    'content': 'You clicked the button'
  $.alertOnClick('.btn', { //this function attaches an onclick handler to the body for .btn and kicks off jAlert
    'title': 'Like magic',
    'content': 'You clicked the button that was dynamically added'
  $.jAlert({ //creates a lightbox for the image - responsive and all
    'image': 'http://mysite.com/my-image.jpg'
  $.jAlert({ //creates a lightbox for the video - responsive and all
    'video': 'http://youtube.com/dflskd'
  $.jAlert({ //creates an alert that fills most of the height with a scrollable iframe
    'iframe': 'http://mysite.com'
  $.jAlert({ //gets content from another file with $.get()
    'ajax': 'my-ajax-content.php'