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We haven't begun organizing the 2023 edition yet, but if you'd be interested to contribute, you can sign up to be notified when the project planning kicks off by filling out this interest form. Check off all teams that interest you and give a detailed description of what your areas of expertise are so we can reach out to you with targeted opportunities.

If you have any questions about contributing, you can start a discussion here on GitHub or visit the #web-almanac channel on Slack.

star-shaped Almanac character

There are several ways to contribute to the Web Almanac:

Authors are subject matter experts and lead the content direction for each chapter. Chapters typically have one or two authors. Authors are responsible for planning the outline of the chapter, analyzing stats and trends, and writing the annual report.

Reviewers are also subject matter experts and assist authors with technical reviews during the planning, analyzing, and writing phases.

Analysts are responsible for researching the stats and trends used throughout the Almanac. Analysts work closely with authors and reviewers during the planning phase to give direction on the types of stats that are possible from the dataset, and during the analyzing/writing phases to ensure that the stats are used correctly.

Developers are responsible for the technical infrastructure of the website and solve complex problems about accessibility, performance, internationalization, SEO, and more.

Editors are technical writers who have a penchant for both technical and non-technical content correctness. Editors have a mastery of the English language and work closely with authors to help wordsmith content and ensure that everything fits together as a cohesive unit.

Translators are technical writers who help internationalize the Almanac and make it globally accessible to the web community.

Diversity and inclusion

We strive to make the Web Almanac a diverse and inclusive project. If you bring a unique perspective, we want to hear from you. Members of the web community that bring a valuable set of diverse perspectives from underrepresented groups or those with unique experiences like standards work or browser/framework development are highly encouraged to participate, especially as content authors and reviewers.

If you're interested in contributing to the project, please follow the links above.

Contributors page

We want to give credit to everyone who made meaningful contributions to the Web Almanac by featuring them on the Contributors page of the website. This page allows readers to see all of the names and faces of the people from the web community who built the report, and filter contributors by team. This page is sorted randomly and changes about every three hours, so everyone gets time on the top row :)

If you've contributed to the Web Almanac, please add your personal information to the JSON config file in src/config, for example 2020.json.